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In addition to the existing range, Bakx also has a new food service brand: Foodworks. The Foodworks range includes high-quality convenience products of excellent quality. Burger and Nuggets. These are the Foodworks products available in the Netherlands. Our beef burgers are ideally suited to any Foodservice business. Available in various weight classes and (meat) composition. Our chicken nuggets are coated with a thin crispy layer and lightly golden, just as they are meant to be. Because they are made with only the best ingredients, they are a guaranteed success for everyone.

Favourite Burger 100g

FOODWORKS Favourite Burger

A spiced burger with extra coarse structure


Artikelnummer: 111050
EAN: 4025545815205
Inhoud: 30x100g, 3000g ℮


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Favourite Burger 150g

FOODWORKS Favourite Burger

A spiced burger with extra coarse structure


Article Number: 111051
EAN: 4025545815304
Content: 20x150g, 3000g ℮


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Kip Nuggets Cornflakes

FOODWORKS Chicken Nuggets Cornflakes

Golden baked with a crunchy layer


Articel Number: 120027
EAN: 4025545402504
Content: 3x1kg, 3000g ℮


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Mega Crispy Fingers

FOODWORKS Mega Crispy Fingers

Extra large crispy chicken fingers made of 100% chicken breast


Articel Number: 120040
EAN: 8725200129000
Content: 2x1kg, 2000g ℮


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Kip Nuggets

FOODWORKS Chicken Nuggets

Classic Nuggets: Crispy and Tasty


Article Number: 120025
EAN: 4025545402603
Content: 3x1kg, 3000g ℮


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Hamburger Homestyle

FOODWORKS Hamburger Homestyle raw

Made of 100% Beef


Article Number: 111053
EAN: 4025545814802
Content: 16x198g, 3168g ℮


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Spicy Beef Burger 180g

FOODWORKS Spicy Beef Burger

A spicy seasoned raw beef burger


Article Number: 111058
EAN: 9120020929684
Content: 35x180g, 6300g ℮


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Angus Beef Burger

FOODWORKS Angus Burger

Made of 100% certified Angus Beef


Article Number: 111052
EAN: 4025545771402
Content: 17x80g, 3060g ℮


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Kip Nuggets Premium

FOODWORKS Chicken Nuggets Premium

Nuggets de Luxe: made of chicken fillet


Article Number: 120026
EAN: 4025545402405
Content: 3x1kg, 3000g ℮


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Laguna Crispy Chicken 130g

FOODWORKS Laguna Crispy Chicken

A crispy chicken burger made of 100% chicken breast


Article Number: 120037
EAN: 5998995741150
Content: 23x130g, 2990g ℮


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