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Bakx Foods has been well-known for a number of years as a supplier of frozen snacks such as grill burgers, hamburgers and chicken burgers. We have also been developing special Bakx concepts: Bakx Professional and PUUR!. Bakx Professional contains top quality meat snacks, made from the best ingredients, exclusively for the professional market. Bakx PUUR! Is a range of top quality, pure snacks made from 100% Dutch meat, with no e-numbers and a very high meat percentage. Below you will find an overview of the total Food service range, as well frozen as chilled products.

Frozen raw burgerpatties

  • Grill burger 55g

    Grillburger Professioneel 55gr

    Raw 100% beef grill burger


    Item number: 111002
    EAN: 8725200850201
    Content: 40x55g, 2200g ℮


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  • Grill burger 80g

    Grillburger Professioneel 80gr

    Raw 100% beef grill burger


    Item number: 111001
    EAN: 8725200850102
    Content: 30x80g, 2400g ℮


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  • Grill burger 100g

    Grillburger Professioneel 100gr

    Raw 100% beef grill burger


    Item number: 111000
    EAN: 8725200850003
    Content: 24x100g, 2400g ℮


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  • Grill burger 175g

    Grillburger Professioneel 175gr

    Raw 100% beef grill burger


    Item number: 111015
    EAN: 8725200850300
    Content: 20x175g, 3500g ℮


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  • PUUR! Beef burgers

    Rundvleeshamburger Puur logo

    Raw beef burger made from 100% Dutch beef


    Item number: 111034
    EAN: 8725200121301
    Content: 20x120g 2400g ℮


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Frozen pre-cooked burgerpatties

  • King-sized Masterburger

    Masterburger Professioneel

    Pre-cooked burger, ideal for the griddle and for frying


    Item number: 110100
    EAN: 8725200840011
    Content: 24x100g, 2400g ℮


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  • Crispy Chicken burger

    Kipburger Krokant Professioneel

    Pre-cooked chicken burger made from chicken fillet with a crispy crust


    Item number: 120007
    EAN : 8725200857101
    Content: 24x90g, 2160g ℮


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  • PUUR! Chicken burger

    Kipburger Puur logo

    Pre-cooked chicken burger made from 100% Dutch chicken fillet


    Item number: 110062
    EAN: 8725200121004
    Content: 24x100g 2400g ℮


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  • Pre-cooked hamburger

    Bakx Hamburger

    Pre-cooked patty for frying



    Item number: 110045
    EAN: 8725200118707
    Content: 30x100g, 3000g ℮


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Frozen Snacks

  • Chicken skewer 20g

    Professional Kipfiletspies 20g

    Pre-cooked chicken skewers made from 100% chicken fillet


    Item number: 100140
    EAN: 8725200121509
    Content: 50x20g, 1000g ℮


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  • Mini chicken skewer 10g

    Professional Mini Kipfiletspies 10g

    Pre-cooked chicken skewers made from 100% chicken fillet


    Item number: 100141
    EAN: 8725200121608
    Content: 100x10g, 1000g ℮


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  • Pork Rib

    Pork Rib Professioneel

    Pre-cooked pork snack with onion pieces


    Item number: 110070
    EAN: 8725200122506
    Content: 16x80g, 1280g ℮


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  • Döner kebab

    DonerKebab Professioneel

    Pre-cooked döner kebab made according to traditional recipes and packaged per serving


    Item number: 113042
    EAN : 8725200123701
    Content: 9x150g, 1350g ℮


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  • Pre-cooked Frikandel

    Bakx Frikandel

    Tasty spiced frikandel with a firm bite



    Item number: 112022
    EAN: 8725200118608
    Content: 40x100g, 4000g ℮


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  • Brasero

    Bakx Brasero

    Spicy snack, full of flavour



    Item number: 113030
    EAN: 8725200118905
    Content: 20x140g, 2800g ℮


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  • Meatballs

    Bakx Gehaktbal

    A tasty meatball for frying



    Item number: 113029
    EAN: 8725200118806
    Content: 24x140g, 3360g ℮


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  • PUUR! Meatball

    Gehaktbal Puur logo

    Pre-cooked meatball made from 100% Dutch pork and beef


    Item number: 113039
    EAN: 8725200123602
    Content: 20x120g 2400g ℮


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  • Mini meatballs

    Professional Mini Gehaktballetjes

    Pre-cooked chicken meatballs


    Item number: 113040
    EAN: 8725200122308
    Content: approx. 75x20g, 1500g ℮


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  • Mini Chicken Skewers 10g

    Koelvers mini kipspiesjes 10g

    Perfect as a bite!


    Item number: 180030
    EAN: 8725200126511
    Content: 80x10g, 800g ℮


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  • Chicken Skewers 20g

    Koelvers kipspiesjes 20g

    Tender and juicy


    Item number: 180029
    EAN: 8725200126412
    Content: 40x20g, 800g ℮


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  • Chicken Strips

    Koelvers kipreepjes

    Distinctive in flavour and quality


    Item number: 180031
    EAN: 8725200126610
    Content: 800g ℮


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