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Bakx Foods has been known for years as a producer of frozen snacks such as grill burgers, hamburger and chicken burgers. The range consists of high-quality meat snacks made with the best ingredients, exclusively for the professional market. Below you will find an overview of the total Foodservice brand, both frozen and chilled.

Frozen raw burgerpatties

  • Grill burger 55g

    Grillburger Professioneel 55gr

    Raw 100% beef grill burger


    Item number: 111002
    EAN: 8725200850201
    Content: 40x55g, 2200g ℮


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  • Grill burger 80g

    Grillburger Professioneel 80gr

    Raw 100% beef grill burger


    Item number: 111001
    EAN: 8725200850102
    Content: 30x80g, 2400g ℮


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  • Grill burger 100g

    Grillburger Professioneel 100gr

    Raw 100% beef grill burger


    Item number: 111000
    EAN: 8725200850003
    Content: 24x100g, 2400g ℮


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Frozen pre-cooked burgerpatties

  • King-sized Masterburger

    Masterburger Professioneel

    Pre-cooked burger, ideal for the griddle and for frying


    Item number: 110100
    EAN: 8725200840011
    Content: 24x100g, 2400g ℮


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  • Crispy Chicken burger

    Kipburger Krokant Professioneel

    Pre-cooked chicken burger made from chicken fillet with a crispy crust


    Item number: 120007
    EAN : 8725200857101
    Content: 24x90g, 2160g ℮


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  • Pre-cooked hamburger

    Bakx Hamburger

    Pre-cooked patty for frying



    Item number: 110045
    EAN: 8725200118707
    Content: 30x100g, 3000g ℮


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Frozen Snacks

  • Chicken skewer 20g

    Professional Kipfiletspies 20g

    Pre-cooked chicken skewers made from 100% chicken fillet


    Item number: 100140
    EAN: 8725200121509
    Content: 50x20g, 1000g ℮


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  • Mini chicken skewer 10g

    Professional Mini Kipfiletspies 10g

    Pre-cooked chicken skewers made from 100% chicken fillet


    Item number: 100141
    EAN: 8725200121608
    Content: 100x10g, 1000g ℮


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  • Pork Rib

    Pork Rib Professioneel

    Pre-cooked pork snack with onion pieces


    Item number: 110070
    EAN: 8725200122506
    Content: 16x80g, 1280g ℮


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  • Pre-cooked Frikandel

    Bakx Frikandel

    Tasty spiced frikandel with a firm bite



    Item number: 112022
    EAN: 8725200118608
    Content: 40x100g, 4000g ℮


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  • Brasero

    Bakx Brasero

    Spicy snack, full of flavour



    Item number: 113030
    EAN: 8725200118905
    Content: 20x140g, 2800g ℮


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  • Meatballs

    Bakx Gehaktbal

    A tasty meatball for frying



    Item number: 113029
    EAN: 8725200118806
    Content: 24x140g, 3360g ℮


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  • Mini Chicken Skewers 10g

    Koelvers mini kipspiesjes 10g

    Perfect as a bite!


    Item number: 180030
    EAN: 8725200126511
    Content: 80x10g, 800g ℮


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  • Chicken Skewers 20g

    Koelvers kipspiesjes 20g

    Tender and juicy


    Item number: 180029
    EAN: 8725200126412
    Content: 40x20g, 800g ℮


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  • Chicken Strips

    Koelvers kipreepjes

    Distinctive in flavour and quality


    Item number: 180031
    EAN: 8725200126610
    Content: 800g ℮


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