Food service

kokxmaatjes gebakken bacon flakes losWe see the hospitality and catering market, otherwise known as the food service market, as a crucial sector. With our range of products and concepts, we can easily and flexibly respond to the needs of our food service customers. We work using both our Bakx brand and under a private label for both chilled and frozen products. We have also enjoyed a successful cooperation across many years with almost all Dutch and Belgian foodservice wholesalers and organisations.

Food service
Bakx Foods has been well-known for a number of years as a supplier of frozen snacks such as grill burgers, hamburgers, chicken burgers and satay products.

Alongside the above labels, Bakx has a new Foodservice brand called Foodworks. Foodworks is a byword for supreme quality in convenience products. We also produce an extensive range of private label products.

If you are interested in our products or one of the many options offered by private label products, please get in touch with us. Our many years of experience in the food service industry and our flexibility have allowed us to build up long-term relationships within the food service market.

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